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Baby carrier walk - Sonian Forest

Due to the covid-10 measurements, it was not possible to bring young mothers into contact with each other through mother groups or workshops.
Since mid-May, outdoor activities are again authorised, with the necessary distance. To bring young mothers back into contact with each other, we organize a baby carrier walk in the Sonian Forest. Enjoy the outdoors with your baby, get back into action and have a chat with other moms. Ideal!

Where? Sonian Forest, the appointment will depend on the walk we do. Every time we will try to put together a new beautiful route.

What to bring? Your baby, of course, a good sling or baby carrier, good shoes. I am present and plan a nice walk. If you do not have a carrying system or if you have any questions, I can lend you one or give you an explanation.

Upcoming dates

This activity will continue during the summer months. As soon as we have dates for 2024, they will be communicated.


This walk is offered for free.

Contact us for registration or more information via or 0498 48 11 02.