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A big misconception is that you can only pursue career coaching when you are ready for a new job. Career coaching is mainly about gaining insights into your own competences in order to become a happy(er) employee. Through career coaching you get insight into your talents. You will discover what is important to you in your job, learn what your energy consumers and your energy providers are. You increase your confidence and consequently dare to make choices. Career trajectory, the goal is to gain insight and be happier in the work situation. Whether you change jobs or not.

Anyone who has been on the job market for more than 6 years is entitled to 7 hours of career guidance from VDAB's career cheques. It costs you a trifle and you get valuable professional guidance in exchange for developing yourself.

Who can come to me?

Young people who have not completed their studies for one reason or another and are struggling with this, ambitious highly educated people who are tired of the rat race in their jobs, consultants who want to grow further, employees who don't know their own capabilities, people who don't know where best to apply, job applicants who want want to arm themselves better in the job market. But also people who struggle with high sensitivity, perfectionism, stress, insecurity ... and want to learn to deal with this in the workplace or employees who are recovering from burnout or feel they are struggling with it.

Who am I?

Marianne Van Strydonck, mother of Mona, experienced project management consultant and career counselor/coach. After studying
business management, I started as a consultant to work as a project manager supporting change projects at various companies. Besides the project process I am responsible for individual guidance and support per team throughout the change process. It gives me energy to guide the growth process with professional support, inspire and challenge the others to reach their maximum potential and to eliminate any resistance together. I recognize the importance of listening and placing people (back) consciously in their own power. During the sessions I use effective and practical work forms to give you insight into patterns, thoughts and behavior.


I offer career guidance in collaboration with VDAB and the recognized career center Pygmalion. Thanks to the career vouchers, you can enjoy full-fledged career guidance at a greatly reduced rate.

For more information, please visit the VDAB website.
If you are not entitled to career cheques, I also offer an affordable alternative.

For questions or an appointment contact +32 476 57 89 03 or