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Massage, prenatal and postnatal

Your pregnancy is a special time. An intense moment, accompanied by physical, emotional and hormonal changes. It is a moment of perfect fusion between the baby and his mother. It is important to be able to release tensions, put down any doubts or fears and be filled with confidence, lightness and joy.
Pregnancy massage offers you a timeless moment to recharge your batteries and replenish you with positive energy. It is a gentle bath in which you and your baby can curl up peacefully. It is a special moment between him and you that will strengthen your mutual contact.
The physical and emotional planes are intimately linked. By working on the relaxation of the mind, the body is allowed to relax and vice versa. The benefits are therefore numerous: sleep, morale, patience, physical pain, blood circulation, immunity ...
The first months after birth are just as intense. You go through various states which can range from wonder to exhaustion, happiness to feeling depressed. There is a physical and hormonal rebalancing, a reorganization of your life, and old and / or new emotions that can (re) surface with vigor. In addition, your body has changed. He did a wonderful job. We can thank him and help him recover. Reappropriate your body after pregnancy and move forward gently on the path of her accomplished Femininity; Woman and Mother.
Postnatal massage is a valuable support tool for reconnecting with your body and (re) finding its anchorage from which you can more easily take care of yourself and those around you.
In the first part of the session, we take the time to discuss verbally to find the energy axis of the massage that will correspond to your needs at this moment in order to be as close as possible to you.
Prenatal massage (1,5h) - 90 euros. Subscription 3 sessions: 245 euros
Postnatal massage (2h) - 100 euros. Subscription 3 sessions: 270 euros
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The pregnancy massage is done by appointment only. Please contact Dorothée Rollin and Aïssatou Diop for this via 


The pregnancy massage takes place in midwifery practice InTeam:
Waversesteenweg 51A, 1560 Hoeilaart.

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