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Prenatal workshops

Getting the correct information is important to make your own decisions and prepare you optimally for labour, delivery, the postpartum period, life with your baby and breastfeeding.

  • When should I notify the midwife or go to the hospital?
  • What is happening with me and the baby during labour and delivery?
  • What options do I have during labour and delivery?
  • What is the role of my partner?
  • When do I leave the hospital?
  • What happens after the baby is born?
  • What can I expect the first hours, days, weeks ...?
  • How does breastfeeding work?

This is just a selection of information that can be obtained during prenatal preparation. You can get tailor-made information for you to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. This preparation is offered both in group as on an individual basis. Individually it can be combined with a prenatal consultation. Several prenatal preparation workshops are offered:

You still have questions after attending a workshop or you want to deepen a subject? The dates don’t suit you? You prefer a one-to-one session? We will seek for a moment at your best convenience.

A small concession from the RIZIV is provided. For individual prenatal information sessions, a co-payment of 40 euros is requested. For a prenatal group workshop, a co-payment of 30 euros is requested.


Are you interested in a workshop or individual preparation? Contact us for registration or more information at or call us: 0498 48 11 02. Venue of the workshops and consultations: Waversesteenweg 51A, 1560 Hoeilaart.