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Psychological guidance

(Intended) parenthood entails a lot. Your whole world can suddenly turn upside down. You encounter yourself and you may be shocked by your own reactions, thoughts or behaviors. You may come across things that put you to the test, such as loss experiences, childbirth trauma, parenting issues, a difficult relationship with your partner or child(ren), postpartum depression, a divorce, stress, all kinds of fears and worries, violence, losing yourself, feelings of shame or guilt, etc. At these times it may be appropriate to have professional guidance. After all, nobody assumes that you do this all by yourself.
Feeling good about yourself makes it easier to be the parent you want to be.

what does a consultation entail?

As a psychologist, Elli is mainly guided by her client, by his/her expectations, needs and goals. She may have theoretical knowledge, but you, the client, are the only expert. No one knows you better than you yourself. Together you explore the difficulties you encounter. Depending on your expectations and objectives, you then get to work.
Both individuals and families are welcome.


Elli will start from October 1, 2021 with consultations at the midwife practice InTeam, Waversesteenweg 51A, 1560 Hoeilaart.
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