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Shiatsu, pre- and postnatal

The female body goes through various transformations in life. With shiatsu we can guide and soften the transitions in different faces. 

I work on the connection between mother and baby. Physical and psychological preparation for childbirth. With shiatsu we can help release stress and find balance. 
There are meridians that work on certain issues related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, childbirth, refocusing and regaining energetic strength after birth, etc.

Through the midwifery practice Zwanger in Brussels I received the card from Satya, someone specialized in shiatsu for pregnant women, I thought. I had heard that when you massage certain pressure points on your body, there is a chance that you will stimulate the contractions to take action. Without any guarantee, Satya told me on the phone, but I wanted a massage anyway. I felt completely at ease with her, was offered tea, we chatted for a while and I was allowed to relax. It was exactly what I needed, a touch, full of attention. Not too hard but not too soft either. On the way home, on foot to the subway, my water broke. Yes, I couldn't believe it myself. I called Satya to tell her the big news and I received some tips. And yes, it helped, so many hours later my contractions started naturally and I gave birth to... a girl.
Ellen de Naeyer

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing during the massage of 1 hour.

Price for a session is 70€.

On request you can make an appointment for a session as a couple in preparation for childbirth, so that the partner can apply shiatsu.


The shiatsu massage takes place in midwifery practice InTeam:
Waversesteenweg 51A, 1560 Hoeilaart.

Information and appointment: 0496347080