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Wobbel gymnastics - Work-out

The goal of Wobbel gymnastics Work-out is to exercise in a nice and unique way. We want everyone to move, regardless of their level of fitness or aptitude. That is why we work in small groups within which it is possible to provide customized guidance.

A Wobbelboard is a beautiful looking balance board that in a playful way increases body awareness and stimulates creativity, balance and strength. By using the Wobbel we can specifically strengthen and stretch muscle groups. Nice to know is that the Wobbel is made entirely of natural materials.

During the Wobbel Work-out sessions we will work with the XL Wobbelboards.

With a large dose of fun we work on and around the Wobbelboard on your endurance, your strength, your coordination, your flexibility and your balance. There is also room for relaxation and relaxation.

The sessions are suitable for men and women from the age of 16. Everyone can participate at their own pace and according to their own ability. However, the class is less suitable for people with knee injuries.

Are you pregnant? For pregnant women, you can participate during the first 22 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, provided you are in good condition and there are no contraindications. Report your pregnancy at the start of the class so that certain exercises can be adjusted.

What do you bring? sporty clothing, clean anti-slip gymnastics slippers or bare feet, your drinking bottle, a bath towel, your mouth mask (possibly necessary at the start and end of the lesson).

Cost price?
A series of 5 dates costs 65 euros (70 euros if with insurance).
A series of 4 dates costs 52 euros (57 euros if with insurance).
A series of 3 dates costs 39 euros (44 euros if with insurance).
When individual lessons are given, the price is 13 euros per lesson (plus 5 euros once per calendar year if with insurance).

Upcoming dates

Dates to be determined


The series of wobbel gymnastics are going on in midwifery practice InTeam:
Waversesteenweg 51A, 1560 Hoeilaart.

Would you like to participate? Then keep an eye on the facebook page of Wobbelturnen Druivenstreek.
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You can register for 1 or more lessons via this google link:
. You can also email or call 0479970475.